Psychic Email Readings get the nod of approval

I am doing what I love, and it brings me such joy when I get incredible feedback pouring in from happy clients. “Relationship back on track because of the honesty and clarity of my reading.” Advice big or small, I am so happy when I hear back how my Psychic Email Readings have helped provide comfort, clarity and a non judgemental look at the situation. When I do get notes of appreciation it really makes my day, and I know I have found my chosen path.

Love and light



Feeling blessed and grateful

So tonight I ventured out of my hideaway and took my sick one to the Doctor an after hours clinic. The elderly Doctor looked in need of medical care himself, and I was so grateful he was working and able to help me. I thanked him for being at a clinic late, as without that option I would of had to go to the hospital and be a burden on resources there. With my scripts in hand I went to the attached Pharmacy, which was also open late nightly and made my order. I was Struck by the weary staff, how tired and sad they looked, and though I tried to engage the cashier in conversation, she was too tired and looked blankly back at me. I was grateful and blessed that due to their hard work I was able to access health care after hours and get my sick one the medication needed. That night as I was joyfully dancing around my lounge, I was struck by how idyllic my life of nature, yoga, dancing, and spiritualism was. How I mostly only do things for passion and not because I need or have to. How grateful and blessed I am that others work so hard to provide care for others. I hope and pray it is their passion, and knowing that the dedication and hard work they put in means so very much to the sick, the needy, the mothers, and the care givers of this world.

On this. Blood moon I give thanks to all the workers in the world, an intricate Web that provides the basis for society as we know it.


4 Blood Moons

Mars, Earth, and the Sun all aligned this week in an event that only happens once every 778 days.

But what made this event so remarkable is that it occured before the first of Four dark red ‘blood moons’, an event that has many nervous.

The King James Bible predicts: “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD comes,” [Joel 2:31].

The incredible alignment has only happened a few times in the last two thousand years and each of the last three 4 blood moon events saw great changes in the world. Once more we are on the edge of darkness and by bringing light into the world whenever you can, you can help offset this energy during the changing landscape of world events. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but trust in your ability to wether the storm onto greener pastures.

You hold within you such an incredible light of heal and joy. Your only mission should you be prepared to walk down this path, is to light your life so that others may feel its joy. We are all inner connected, we all contain divine purpose, the more we shut that out, the more troubled the world becomes. By going back to the ways of old, we can tread a path into light and love. Into the divine.


A New Testimonial

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your reading. You were really spot on. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, your reassurance and your guidance! I am sure I will write you again soon.”



Love getting feedback, thanks so much! You can read more messages given to me by wonderful clients here

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Mercury in Aries

Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods is flying into the sign of Aries on Monday April 7, 2014 at 11:35 am Eastern Time. From now until the 23rd expect the pace to pick up speed around thoughts, communications and work. We’ll all be feeling the pressure to pick up the pace, and get things done yesterday!

Speeding ahead.

Mercury in Aries energy is fasted paced and full of surprises. Whether it’s doing errand, overtime at work or even your exercise routine, you’ll feel the pressure to get to that finish line.

Mercury rules thoughts, messages, communications, ideas and travel plans. All these areas are set to feel the drive to go faster and finish quicker. Expect your mind to go a mile a minute without shutting off. At the same time you will have plenty of messages, as your email will overflow, and others will try to connect with you, so expect plenty of phone calls. You’ll find yourself juggling various commitments, but rest assured you can breath a sigh of relief when it leaves on the 23rd and life returns back to its normal pace.


Shamanism for healing


Shamanism is the perfect blend of old world healing in the new age. It brings a new approach to healing; bringing harmony and balance to all sentient beings and together it provides a new level of spiritual insight and healing. Shamanism teaches us how to connect and work with the invisible realms of energy and Spirit. Shamanic healing is achieved through the practices of soul healing; using songs, nature, journeying, ceremonies, rituals and transfiguration. Shamanism teaches us to channel the Universal Life Force Energy with meditation and healing journeys to learn about oneself and heal past trauma. The alchemy and mysticism of shamanism brings a deep healing and together helps increase the flow of universal energy, allowing you to feel one with the world, and it brings a greater sense of purpose into your life.


A New Testimonial

Thank you, Crystal for your immediate response. How in the world did you gleam this much information from just an e-mail? I truly appreciate -your helping me in clarifying my mind. ~ E 



Love getting feedback, thanks so much! You can read more messages given to me by happy clients here

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